10 Places to Put the Microwave in the Kitchen

Wondering where to put the microwave in the kitchen? You are not alone. It’s a common conundrum. 

Moving your microwave to a new spot can get complicated quickly. The electrical outlet complicates things. If there’s no outlet in a convenient location for the microwave, rewiring turns a minor location shift into a massive job requiring a professional. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for ideal microwave placement! Here are 10 places to put the microwave in the kitchen.

Elevated Locations 

An overhead microwave keeps your countertop clear and saves space. Here are 5 overhead spots for your microwave. 

1. Over the range 

This is the most common choice in kitchens. Position your microwave above the stove to keep it up and out of the way. This makes access easier and saves space. 

Be sure to consider the size of your microwave. Too large, and it’ll overwhelm the space; too small, and it’ll look awkward here. 

2. A drink station

A drink station is a popular addition to modern kitchens. A small station for making beverages, basic snacks, and breakfasts simplifies and speeds up snack time and coffee break. Mount your microwave above your refreshment station for more cupboard space (especially if you keep your coffee maker there as well).  

3. Over or under the counter 

It’s the most obvious option for your microwave, but with plenty of potential, whether it’s underneath the counter in a cut-out shelf or above the counter mounted under your upper cabinets. 

4. Set up a baker’s shelf 

A baker’s shelf is a free-standing shelf, sometimes on wheels, that acts as an extension of your kitchen. This provides an ideal space for your microwave. While housing the microwave, it gives you additional storage space for anything else in your kitchen. Use it to display nice dishes, store pantry items in clear glass containers, or perhaps there’s even room for your coffee maker. 

5. Mount it on the wall

Did you know your microwave can be mounted on the wall? A cutout in the wall so that the microwave has its own place makes this bulky appliance a little less obtrusive if it sticks out too much. 

Nooks and Crannies 

There are plenty of tucked-away places you can put your microwave in your kitchen. Here are some ways to have a space made specifically for a microwave. 

6. In a corner 

Most kitchens have several corners available to accommodate a microwave. These are less invasive than some other spots. You can either fit the microwave straight in the corner, or angle it. Using the corner for your microwave makes this often-wasted space truly useful. 

7. Built in

Save space with a built-in microwave. This is a cabinet that’s customized specifically for your microwave. It can be a pantry cupboard with a microwave shelf, or a cabinet with doors to keep it hidden and out of the way. Just ensure there is enough space to properly vent the microwave. 

8. In the pantry

Out of sight and out of the way, your pantry is a convenient hiding place for your microwave.  Be sure the shelf is sturdy enough to support the weight, and have outlets installed. 

9. Invest in an appliance garage

An appliance garage is a fantastic way to organize all your small appliances. This space typically has a sliding door so you can neatly tuck everything away. Sometimes, it even has a pull-out platform so you can easily slide your appliances into your workspace.

With space enough for your microwave, a kettle, and a few other electronics, it can keep everything in order and within reach for easy access. 

10. In a drawer

There are microwaves made specifically for placement inside a drawer. Microwave drawers are most often in a kitchen island or any base cabinet. 

This is an excellent option if you have children old enough to use the microwave. It’s safer than requiring them to stand on a chair to remove hot food. 

Need a place to put your microwave? 

Are you still stumped about where to put the microwave in your kitchen? If none of these ideas work for you, it’s time to call on an expert! Try a free consultation with one of our kitchen designers. 

Our 30+ years of experience have prepared us for almost any kitchen shape, size, and configuration. Let us help you find the solution to your microwave dilemma!

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