10 Signs It's Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

10 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Want to renovate your kitchen but can’t seem to convince your spouse it’s time? Or maybe you’re the spouse that isn’t convinced! Or maybe your kitchen has been hinting and you’re in denial. 

Let’s take the guesswork out of this huge decision. If the heart of your home shows these telltale signs, it’s time to renovate your kitchen!

1. Your needs have changed

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, it’s likely the kitchen you loved at first no longer meets your needs. Adding children or older parents to your home might make your kitchen feel too small. Or if you’ve become empty nesters, maybe a smaller kitchen fits you better now. 

Family size is an important factor in your kitchen needs, but lifestyle plays a part, too. Maybe you entertain a lot these days, or you prefer eating at your island instead of a full-size dining table. If you enjoy cooking with your spouse or kids, your kitchen needs to accommodate that. 

2. Your kitchen lacks storage and prep space

Even if you’re not an avid cook, you still require a minimal amount of space. You have dishes and food to store no matter how little you cook. And simple throw-together meals require at least some counter space for you to prepare them. 

Even renovated older kitchens can lack the storage and counter space you need. Often renovations are nothing more than refinishing cupboard doors or resurfacing a countertop. This type of remodel might improve the look of the kitchen, but does nothing to make using your kitchen easier. 

If your kitchen feels crowded or cluttered, if you can’t seem to find a space to fit big pots or small appliances, if your food seems to get lost in your crammed cabinetry, it’s time to renovate your kitchen.

3. Your kitchen layout isn’t functional

Does your kitchen lack flow? The “kitchen work triangle” is a classic design trick to maximize the functionality of your kitchen. The 3 points of the triangle are the oven and stove, the sink, and the fridge. These elements should be optimally spaced – not too close and not too far.  

Older kitchens often have large corner cabinets that end up being graveyards for pantry items or neglected kitchen tools. If your cabinetry is inefficient, you’re missing out on the fantastic features of a more modern design. 

Maybe the room itself is the issue. Many people renovate their kitchen to open it up to the rest of the living space. Renovate your kitchen to create the open concept feel. 

4. Your kitchen appliances are outdated

Kitchen appliances do have a limited life expectancy. Depending on the appliance, they’re only designed to last between 9-15 years. Don’t wait until an appliance breaks down to replace it. That could be a costly decision if it ends up leaking and causing serious damage to your home. 

If your appliances are past their prime, they might be costing you in terms of energy. Replacing your old kitchen appliances with new energy-efficient models could save money in the long run and is also better for the environment. 

It’s possible to replace an appliance without renovating your kitchen, but most people like to replace all appliances at once to maintain a consistent look. And if you’re replacing the appliances anyway, it’s time to consider a kitchen renovation, especially if there’s a chance you’ll be changing the layout. 

5. Your kitchen has leaks or electrical issues

Flickering lights and frequent burnt bulbs or blown breakers might indicate electrical issues. And a leaking sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, or pipes are not to be ignored! These issues can lead to serious damage including fire hazards and mold. And you definitely don’t want mold growing where you eat and prepare food!

6. Your kitchen has poor lighting

You could have the most gorgeous kitchen imaginable, but without proper lighting, you won’t be able to enjoy it! Lighting should not be an afterthought. Your kitchen needs highly functional task lighting. Adding under-cabinet lights and some statement pendants can improve the aesthetic of your kitchen, too. 

7. Your kitchen is hard to clean

Does it seem like your cabinets don’t look clean even though you just cleaned them? Does your backsplash look dingy because of stained grout lines? Are your countertops or sinks worn-looking? Is your flooring faded and home to years of ground-in dirt?

It’s disheartening to work at keeping a clean kitchen if it never looks any cleaner. Wood cabinets, tiles, enamel, and linoleum do eventually wear out and need replacing. 

8. Your kitchen needs a new look

It might not be worth renovating your kitchen based on aesthetics alone, but the look of your kitchen can certainly be a contributing factor. If:

  • You can’t stand to be in your kitchen,
  • The ambience just isn’t what you want for your home,
  • You have old honey-oak cabinets,
  • You have an ugly dropped ceiling, 
  • Your appliances are avocado green or chocolate brown, 

maybe it’s time for a cosmetic upgrade. 

9. You plan to stay in your home

If you plan to stay in your home for many years to come, it’s worth investing in a newly renovated kitchen. You might as well make your kitchen what you want it to be so you can enjoy it for the rest of your time in your home.

10. You plan to sell your home

If you plan to sell your home, it may be time to renovate your kitchen. You might have gotten used to your kitchen the way it is – maybe you have fond memories and find its quirks endearing – but take a step back and look at your kitchen through the eyes of a potential buyer. 

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in a house. Of Canadian homebuyers, 69% said they would have paid more for new appliances, and 55% would have paid more for granite countertops. 

A kitchen renovation might be worth the investment, if it means you can sell your home for significantly more. A real estate agent or kitchen designer can help you figure out if it makes financial sense for you. 

Is it Time to Renovate Your Kitchen?

So has your kitchen been showing you signs it’s time for an upgrade? If one or more of these statements are true about your kitchen, it’s time to renovate your kitchen:

  • Your needs have changed.
  • Your kitchen lacks storage and prep space.
  • Your kitchen layout isn’t functional.
  • Your kitchen appliances are outdated.
  • Your kitchen has leaks or electrical issues.
  • Your kitchen has poor lighting.
  • Your kitchen needs a new look.
  • You plan to stay in your home.
  • You plan to sell your home.

The designers at Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations are happy to help you determine if it’s time to remodel your kitchen. We can provide you with design options that fit within your budget and give you a kitchen that meets your needs and fits your style. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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