15 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you frustrated with the lack of storage in your small bathroom? Are you ready to change up the style? Renovating a bathroom can be stressful, especially when space is limited. However, there are plenty of ways to improve the storage and style, no matter how small your bathroom is! 

These 15 design ideas for small bathrooms will refresh the space and keep it chic.

How to Update a Small Bathroom 

1. Mirror a wall or incorporate multiple mirrors

Whether it’s a large one that covers a wall or multiples for design, mirrors give the impression of a larger space. The reflection of light gives the room a brighter feel, even if the bathroom doesn’t have a window. 

A large mirror that reflects a small bathroom gives the impression of magnifying the room. 

2. Use a glass shower door instead of a shower curtain

A glass shower door opens up your bathroom and makes it feel more spacious. Other benefits of a glass shower door include:

  • Improved natural light
  • Showcase the design inside the shower
  • Modernize the look of the bathroom

Cleaning is easier with a glass shower door, too! Simply dry off the glass instead of taking down a curtain every couple weeks to throw in the wash. Cleaning made easy! 


3. Eliminate enclosures altogether 

Or forgo a shower door completely. Open up space in your bathroom by installing a walk-in shower. This creates a sense of space and makes accessibility easier. 

4. Mount floating shelves and hooks

Hang floating shelves and add some hooks to the mix. While they may not hold everything your bathroom needs on a daily basis, shelving gives you the option to store some of your everyday essentials and keep them in easy reach. Floating shelves give your small bathroom extra space for pictures and other decorations. 

Shelves and hooks can be customized to fit anywhere you want them, such as above the toilet, alongside the tub, or in awkward corners. Just remember to keep them out of the door’s way!

5. Take on tile

There are lots of ways you can use tile in your small bathroom. It’s not just for flooring! Tiling the walls results in a sense of luxury. Create continuity with a solid tile backsplash to match the walls or by extending tile from the shower. This provides a stunning look that ties everything together. 

6. Pick a pocket door 

Easy to use and hide in the wall, pocket doors are an ideal option for making space. No more bulky doors that swing into small spaces!

Simple Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Now for the key component of a small bathroom: adequate space and sufficient storage. Here are some handy ways to keep your small bathroom in order. 

7. Build niches for toiletries, storage, or towels 

Niches are most popular inside the shower, but they work great in other areas, too. Adding a few behind the toilet or beside the vanity offer the space for your necessities and even some decor. And don’t forget the place behind the door – one of the best places for a niche!


8. Add narrow ledges 

Or if you decide against niches, have a ledge built instead. Whether it’s the entire length of the wall, or just a small length, it gives you extra space for your toiletries. However, consider limiting the amount of your necessities in order to have room without cluttering the space. 

9. Stash your storage 

Customized cabinets are the way to go for small spaces. If you have awkward spaces or shapes in your small bathroom, get some cabinets customized to suit that shape and your specific storage needs. Use trays or baskets that fit in those cabinets to maximize the space. 

Customizing cabinets to meet your needs is what we do best. Contact us for a free consultation.

10. A pedestal or floating sink takes up less space  

One of the most important aspects of the bathroom is the sink. But the bathroom feels too crowded if the sink is too large and cumbersome. The solution? A pedestal sink or floating vanity. 

Floating sinks create an illusion that the room is larger than it is. It also draws attention to the flooring, so if your flooring is a feature you want to highlight, a floating sink is the way to go!


11. Integrate a wall-mounted faucet 

Another fashionable option for your bathroom is a wall-mounted faucet. It makes cleaning easier, creates a statement, and saves space. However, be sure the sink is positioned properly. Otherwise you may have a wet mess! 

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Styling a Small Bathroom 

And let’s not forget the style! Tying together all the decorative ideas of a small bathroom is so much fun! Some common small bathroom design themes include:

  • Beach bathroom: complete with bright blue paint, seashells in a jar, and candles
  • Rustic bathroom: with subtle touches of woodwork, a wicker basket, and a Mason jar of flowers
  • Modern bathroom: a crisp look with bold black and white features, small potted plants, metallic hardware, and stone tiles 

Whatever the case, here are some ways to create your own unique and fashionable bathroom! 

12. Patterns look great in small bathrooms 

Patterns work wonders to add extravagance. They can also give the impression of a mellow and homey room, if that’s your preference. 

13. Choose brass or copper features instead of silver 

To give a more stylish touch, brass or copper fixtures brighten up the room and make it appear more up-to-date and smart. They also add warmth to a room where cool touches seem dominant. Bathroom à la mode all the way! 


14. Select good lighting

Good lighting is a must when revamping your small bathroom. Lighting a bathroom with the right fixtures brightens the room and makes it feel larger. Add the patterns to the mix and you have a trend-setting design for small bathrooms! 

15. Keep your colours bright

Colour is another key factor in any small bathroom. Light colors are one of the best ways to make a large impression in a small space. While dark colors are also an option, they dramatize the room and can make it feel a little too cave-like. Bright colors make the room look and feel cheery and spacious. 

Need Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom?

Whether you go extreme or choose a more modest concept, these 15 design ideas for small bathrooms will help you upgrade your space and add storage and smart styling. 

Need more help to transform your small bathroom? Get a free consultation with one of our expert bathroom renovation designers.

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