15 Easy Ways to Conquer Kitchen Clutter

Kitchens are notoriously clutter collection zones. As the heart of the home, you use your kitchen for far more than cooking – homework with the kids, socializing with friends, sorting mail, and more. But you can conquer kitchen clutter by implementing just a few handy techniques. 

How to Conquer Kitchen Clutter

Here are 15 ways to help you keep your kitchen clutter-free.

1. Evaluate necessities

Go through your kitchen and be completely honest with yourself about what’s necessary and what’s not. Yes, it’s handy to have a pen or two in the kitchen, but do you really need 30? Or what about your bread maker? Do you actually use it? If not, will you use it within the next 3-6 months? Get rid of any item that’s unnecessary. A helpful trick is to put a piece of tape on any kitchen item you’re unsure about. When you use it, take the tape off. In 6 months, go through your kitchen again. Any item that still has tape on it probably doesn’t need to be there. The only exceptions would be seasonal items, like Christmas-themed serving dishes, for example.

2. Have a place for everything

The goal is to clear your counters and have a place for everything (and everything in its place). You might want certain items on your counter for looks – like your stunning stand mixer – but be intentional about what you want out in the open. The more you have on your countertop, the quicker it will look cluttered. The best way to ensure your countertops are clutter-free is to invest in cabinet organizers or custom cabinets that actually fit all your stuff. If your cabinets are too small for your things, or if it’s awkward to take things out or put them back in, you won’t use them. You’re more likely to put away baking sheets or large serving platters if you have a cabinet with dividers that make it a cinch to slide them in there, for example. Small appliances are easy to put away when you have a pull-out drawer for them. A built-in spice rack ensures you can find what you’re looking for without having to remove 10 other items to see all your options.  Custom cabinet organization options are endless. Consult with a custom kitchen designer for more ideas.  Come up with a system for items that don’t belong in the kitchen. Maybe a basket by the kitchen door can serve as a collection spot. When you’re ready to distribute the items to their appropriate rooms, simply grab the basket on your way out and take a quick tour of the house, dropping off items where they belong.

3. Use the space wisely

Most kitchens have nooks and crannies that are wasted space. Make use of them by turning them into storage areas. For example, install a tension rod under your kitchen sink to hang spray bottles and bins to store other cleaning supplies.  Custom cabinets allow you to create storage in the unlikeliest of spaces, such as those awkward kitchen corners. Even a space as small as 6 inches can become useful with a custom spice pull-out cabinet.

4. Set up a command station

The kitchen often becomes a sort of launchpad or landing zone for the whole family. Backpacks, shopping bags, car keys, mail, and all kinds of miscellaneous items get dropped off in the kitchen and instantly create clutter.  Eliminate this issue by setting up a command station. Install a mail tray or wall-mounted file holder to collect paper. Hang key hooks. Put up a magnetic chalkboard or whiteboard and include magnetic clips to hold coupons, receipts, notes, and lists. Add a few hooks for bags, and your station has everything you need to catch “all the things”. 

5. Display art intentionally

A fridge full of preschool artwork is fun and encourages your child, but there’s no denying that it looks cluttered. You don’t have to give up on this homemade art gallery, but you can make it more intentional. Buy frames specifically for your child’s art so you can display it in places of honour throughout the house for maximum exposure.

6. Repackage your groceries

Invest in food storage containers that fit your pantry and cupboards. Repackage your dried goods like pasta, rice, cereals, and baking ingredients in these storage containers. This way, your kitchen will always be organized and you’ll be able to see at a glance when you’re running low on these items.

7. Go digital

Switch to digital apps to keep track of grocery lists, meal planning, and recipes. This eliminates the scraps of paper floating around your kitchen and might motivate you to get rid of some recipe books to create more space. 

8. Use appropriate bins for disposal

Don’t let trash, recycling, and compost pile up. Get bins for each type of disposal so that it’s easy to sort as you go. If you line your bins with bags, store the bags right near the bins so that it’s convenient to replace the bags when the bins are full. 

9. Store small appliances out of sight

Small appliances can make your countertops look cluttered. Especially the cords. An “appliance garage” solves this. It’s a cabinet designed specifically for your appliances and allows you to slide the appliances in and out as needed. Even without an appliance garage, create space in your cabinets to store your toaster and blender and other similar kitchen tools. 

10. Designate a beverage station

How is it that a family of 4 can accumulate 20 drinking glasses on the countertop within half a day? This doesn’t help your clutter dilemma. One solution is to designate a spot for cups and glasses. You can even create labels for each family member so they can keep track of which one is theirs.

11. Mount a wall rack

A wall rack is another effective way to keep things off your countertops. Use it for recipe books, magazines, or incoming mail or paperwork. Try wall racks designed for coffee mugs or kitchen utensils to clear more space in your cabinets for other items.

12. Use baskets

Use baskets to store related items. For example, any supplies your child may need for homework in the kitchen can go into one basket. This makes it easy to pull it out when it’s needed and quickly put it away when homework time is finished. 

13. Repurpose decorative dishes

If you must store some things where they’re visible, at least use pretty bowls or other attractive dishes. You may not have to go out and buy these. If you have nice dishes in your cupboards, put them to use as a place to catch keys, jewelry, or pocket change, for example.

14. Install extra cabinets 

If you have wall space, you have room to add extra cabinets. For example, an extra cabinet in your dining area can store kitchen linens or serving dishes and create a nice-looking surface for serving buffet-style. 

15. Accommodate electronics

Phones, tablets, and laptops create clutter on your countertops, especially when you need to charge them. Create a hidden charging station where you can store the cords and charge your devices out of sight. 

Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

When you successfully control your kitchen clutter, inspire your family to keep it that way by adding beautiful touches like a vase of fresh flowers or an attractive bowl of fresh fruit.  Keeping your kitchen clutter-free requires some habits. Develop a habit of putting things back in their designated space when you’re done with them. Set a timer for a few minutes each day to tidy up your kitchen and keep it clutter-free.  To conquer kitchen clutter, you need space for the items you need in your kitchen. After decluttering your kitchen supplies, if you find you simply don’t have enough space, it’s time for a kitchen remodel! Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations can design a kitchen that fits your needs, your space, and your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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