15 Ideas for Bathroom Storage to Maximize Your Space

15 Ideas for Bathroom Storage to Maximize Your Space

Bathroom storage is a common challenge. Maybe it’s because bathrooms are often small spaces despite the amount of time we spend in them. Or it could be that our bathroom belongings are too numerous. Whatever the case, finding creative ways to maximize your space in the bathroom is a must. Here are 15 of our best ideas for bathroom storage. 

Think Vertical

There’s a lot of space in your bathroom that typically goes unused. Flat surfaces and cupboards are automatic storage, but it’s time to think outside the box!

1. Use your wall space.

Your walls can become valuable storage space while adding some design appeal. Install floating shelves with baskets to hold extra toilet paper rolls and clunky items like hair dryers and curling rods. Even the space over the bathroom door or above the toilet can become storage with a shelf or two. Use your wall space

2. Let a ladder hold your linens.

A decorative ladder is a handy spot to hang towels – either before or after use. And it looks nice, too! Let a ladder hold your linens

3. Install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Traditionally, cabinetry ends well below the ceiling. This leaves a significant amount of unused real estate in your bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry maximizes the space and gives your bathroom a luxurious finish. Install floor to ceiling cabinetry

4. Put up multiple rows of hooks or towel bars.

A towel bar or hooks are essential in every bathroom. The standard is to hang one bar or a row of hooks part way up the wall. But if you put up an additional lower row, you double your towel storage and make it easier for your kids to hang their own towels, too.

Get Sneaky

There are nooks and crannies everywhere in a bathroom. Instead of ignoring them, intentionally look for them and find ways of using them for storage.

5. Make use of the inside of doors.

The inside of the bathroom door, cupboard doors, and even your medicine cabinet are great places to hang and store items. Install hooks or shelves here to double the usefulness of the space.

6. Think multi-purpose with your mirrors.

A mirror in the bathroom is essential, but if you hang a simple mirror, it’s really just taking up precious wall space. Think of your mirrors as multi-purpose. Choose a mirror cabinet instead. It will hide the storage while still serving its valuable main purpose.

7. Hide your hamper.

A typical hamper takes up floor space and leaves your bathroom looking messy. A sneaky hidden hamper in a custom cabinet is neat, convenient, and out of the way.

8. Incorporate a pull-out drawer.

You know those handy pull-out spice cupboards for the kitchen? Why not put one in the bathroom? They’re perfect for all those little cosmetics and awkward personal care items. The best part is that they have such a small footprint.

Maximize Space

To get the most possible storage in your bathroom, you need to maximize every available space. Make it efficient and functional. This can all be done while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

9. Don’t neglect the toilet.

We’ve already talked about adding storage above the toilet, but you could also create storage in those awkward spaces beside the toilet!

10. Take advantage of space in the shower.

A shower caddy is an absolute must. Eliminate shower clutter and make it easier to access the products you use. If you don’t like the look of a caddy, consider a built-in shelf right in the shower.  Take advantage of space in the shower

11. Customize a built-in bench.

If you have a long open wall and enough floor space, consider a custom built-in bench. The bench can be a welcome seat for waiting children or when getting dressed. In addition to providing a comfy spot to sit, you can use it as a storage cupboard for cleaning supplies and other extras. Customize a built in bench

12. Be creative under the sink.

The space under the sink is often left to collect hard-to-store items or general junk. Be creative and intentional with this space. Insert appropriate shelving or storage containers to provide adequate space for specific items. An alternative to a cupboard under the sink is to leave the space open. Instead, use the floor to place a decorative free-standing shelf or storage baskets. Be creative under the sink

13. Fill the corner.

Corners are also commonly ignored spaces. Maximize them by installing corner cupboards or shelving to use for more storage. Even small shelves can provide functionality and give you options for adding decor to make your bathroom an inviting room in your home. 

14. Choose handle-free cupboard doors and drawers.

Particularly for small bathrooms, choosing handle-free cupboard doors and drawers can open up the room and make it feel more spacious. If your bathroom feels like cramped quarters, clunky knobs and handles can quickly get in the way. Choose handle-free cupboards and drawers

15. Surround your tub with storage.

Nestle your tub amid custom storage for a spa-like experience with every bath. The cupboards and shelving can hide your storage while providing convenient ledges for a luxurious bath time beverage and book. 

Maximize Your Space with Creative Bathroom Storage

No bathroom is too small for storage. With these creative bathroom storage ideas, you can maximize every inch of space to make your bathroom a convenient and comfortable room.  For more bathroom storage ideas or for help in maximizing your bathroom space, contact one of the experts at Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations. We can design and build custom cabinetry to perfectly suit your style, the size and layout of your bathroom, and your storage needs.
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