3 Reasons Our Experience & Expertise Gives You a Better Kitchen Renovation Experience

Choosing the right designer or project manager for your kitchen renovation is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the entire process. The right person for the job will give you confidence and peace of mind, streamline the experience and minimize stress, and communicate clearly.

Why Experience & Expertise Makes Your Kitchen Renovation Better

With so many kitchen renovation companies to choose from, experience and expertise should be at the top of your list of criteria. Here’s why.


1. Confidence & Peace of Mind

A kitchen renovation is a big project, and during the process, it can feel a bit unsettling. As your old kitchen is dismantled and removed, you’ll stare at a gaping space where you once enjoyed delicious meals and made precious memories. You wonder, “Are we doing the right thing?”

When you place this monumental task into the hands of an experienced expert, you can have confidence and peace of mind for several reasons.

They can handle the unexpected.

Every kitchen renovation is unique, and surprises are part of the process. Whether it’s an unexpected discovery behind existing cabinets or walls, back-ordered materials, or any other unforeseen scenario, an experienced expert has likely faced something similar or, at the very least, developed skills over time that qualify them to problem-solve with little trial and error.

This experience and acquired expertise allow them to be flexible without fanfare. They’ve learned it’s just part of the process and they have the confidence and ability to “roll with the punches”. 

They know what they’re talking about. 

An expert kitchen designer understands nuances of kitchen design that can only come from experience. For example, the depth of your fridge must be measured to the front of the handles, and matters as much as the width. A fridge that’s too deep can interfere with cupboard doors or drawers. 

A kitchen design can work well on paper, but not in real life. An experienced designer will show up to your home, take measurements, and identify the intricacies of your home that will make your kitchen design unique and may require unconventional details. 

They’ve stood the test of time.

A kitchen renovation company that’s been around for decades has likely been through booms and busts. That they’re still in business is a good sign! They’ve probably learned to adapt as the industry changes, and keep their pulse on what’s happening in the industry. You can trust that they’ll provide you with the best the industry offers. 

2. Streamline & Stress Less

Experience and expertise enable a kitchen renovation company to streamline the renovation process. They’ve learned through trial and error how to achieve desired results efficiently and how to avoid some common renovation hiccups

As we’ve said, a seamless renovation without a single delay or surprise is extremely rare – miraculous, in fact. While an experienced renovation expert understands how to problem solve and do common tasks efficiently, they’re also trained to recognize when something can’t or shouldn’t be rushed. They know how to produce the best, most desirable result. 

An experienced renovation expert can also help you avoid renovation stress. When those unpredictable scenarios happen, the confidence and trust you have in your renovation expert allows you to rest easy because you know they can handle it. 

A kitchen renovation company that’s stood the test of time is a company that understands their customers. Part of reducing renovation stress is paying attention to small details like cleaning up the renovation site at the end of the day so it doesn’t look chaotic, or friendly interaction with your kids or pets. They want to put you at ease, not make you feel like your kitchen renovation is just another job to get off their plate. 

3. Clear Communication

Clear communication is key to a successful kitchen renovation. An experienced kitchen renovation expert knows what they’re talking about, but can talk to you about it without using industry jargon. They can confidently communicate ideas, concepts, and lingo understandably so you can all be on the same page throughout the project. 

A kitchen renovation is a process with many stages and components, and an expert understands how important it is for you to know what’s going on in your own home. When a new surprise pops up, they can present you with your options and help you choose how to proceed. They’ll keep you updated and help you anticipate the finished product. 

The years of experience behind your renovation expert should help them understand how you feel. They’ve been through this process many times with others, and they can foresee what you need from them throughout the renovation project. Intentional, compassionate communication maintains trust.

Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations Cares About Customer Experience

Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations in Calgary, Alberta has over 30 years of experience. We’ve learned a lot from thousands of kitchen projects and we care deeply about customer experience. 

Beyond our professional experience, we’ve personally renovated our own kitchens multiple times. We’ve been through various life stages where our kitchen met countless demands, fed countless people, accommodated unique needs, and created valuable memories. We know what it’s like, we know what works, and we’ve learned some “tricks of the trade” through our personal experience as well. 

We pride ourselves on creating spaces you love and providing you with products and workmanship we’d want in our own homes. We treat our customers like family. We don’t look for shortcuts; we look for solutions, and our experience and expertise empowers us to do that. 

To learn more about the experience and expertise Riverstone Kitchens & Renovation can provide, contact us today.


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