5 Obvious Things People Don’t Tell You About Bathroom Renovations

You have your dream bathroom in mind, and you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your bathroom. But even with the most detailed plan, there’s bound to be a few surprises. That’s the nature of bathroom renovations. 

To help you be even more prepared, here are 5 things about bathroom renovations. They seem obvious at first glance, but upon closer inspection, are valuable tips to make your remodel project less stressful.

1. Contractors are not mind readers 

Effective communication with your contractor is crucial to a successful bathroom renovation. What you really want and what you really mean can easily get lost in translation. 

Whether you are talking to a designer or a contractor, it’s vital that you clearly communicate your vision. In the planning stages, the more detail you can provide, the easier it is for your renovation team to understand your wants and needs. 

You might think it’s over-communicating, but in addition to sharing what you want, tell them what you don’t want. Talk about your likes and your dislikes. These conversations should include the needs of your family and how you use the space – not just the visual look you’re hoping for.

Prior to meeting with your contractor, draft a list of non-negotiables as well as prioritized features. 

It’s super helpful to have photos, rough sketches, and samples to share that capture your bathroom renovation vision. These visuals ensure your contractor knows exactly what you mean by “bright” or “blue” or “big”.

As you share these ideas with your contractor, ask for their input on how to successfully incorporate as many of your desired outcomes as possible.


2. You can stick to your bathroom renovation budget 

There’s a misconception that renovations always go over-budget. It is possible to stick to your budget, but the key is planning and preparationPlanning effectively is obviously important for the whole renovation process, and researching costs is a great way to begin. 

Look up and make note of the prices for supplies and labor. Divide your list based on projects (such as tiling, electrical, plumbing, etc.). 

Keep in mind the chance of mishaps or delays. Add a little more to your budget in case the need arises (like a fixture that is damaged and needs replacing). 

Saving money during a renovation is another thing to keep in mind. To keep from overspending or not budgeting enough for your renovation, try some of these tips.

  • Make a list of your wants and needs for your bathroom (color scheme, flooring material, lighting fixtures, etc.). When you’re nearing your budget limit, consider switching out an item that’s just a want. Prioritize your needs.
  • Avoid rearranging the plumbing situation in your bathroom and keep the layout the same.
  • Consider alternative materials. For example, tile costs more than beadboard. Open shelving costs less than closed cabinets.

Budgeting for your renovation doesn’t have to be stressful. It just requires some research and a commitment to do what it takes to stay within your limits.

3. Timelines are best estimates 

One of your main concerns about a bathroom renovation is, “When will my new bathroom be complete?” Timing matters! 

But keep in mind that timelines are just estimates. Unless you can foresee the future, there are most likely going to be delays of some sort in any renovation project. Rarely does a project stay on schedule. 

Delays and roadblocks are bound to happen, and they can come in many shapes and sizes. Back ordered supplies and materials, hidden damage (termites, water damage, and other hidden dangers to name a few), and the weather can impact your project. 

The good news is that there are ways to work around common renovation delays. 

To best prepare for the unknowns duringrenovating, a few proactive steps can help you stay calm and get through the renovation without too much stress..

  • Order the materials you need as early as possible to avoid backorder or delivery delays. 
  • Clear out the bathroom ahead of time and have space readily available for the workers. 
  • Make your decisions early on. And try to not make decisions at the last minute. 


4. It will be messy 

This might be a little unexpected to you, but it’s an absolute truth in the world of renovating. There will be a mess – beyond the bathroom – and you will probably be annoyed with it. With the chance of dust flying, be sure you have a good vacuum cleaner on hand.

Here’s a few ways to keep the mess less:

  • Clear the space surrounding your bathroom to ensure there is enough room for the equipment and workers. 
  • Lay a drop-mat on the path in and out of your home each day for the construction workers.
  • Hang plastic curtains to block off the construction zone and minimize the spread of dust to the rest of the house.
  • Cover the nearby furniture with a heavy-duty curtain to keep the mess at a minimum. 
  • After the workers leave for the day and if you have the gumption, vacuum, dust, and sweep the nearby space, open the windows for fresh air, and wipe down surfaces to clear dust and grime.  

5. You will have one less bathroom 

Being down one bathroom can be a little overwhelming, especially if your family is larger than average. 

To navigate this, consider scheduling time slots for each member to use the bathroom during high traffic times – typically in the morning when everyone is getting ready for the day, and at night when everyone is getting ready for bed. On average, it takes 10 to 30 minutes to get ready for the day. Slotting 10-15 minutes per person is an easy way to ensure everyone gets the time they need in the bathroom. 

Limit the time each person spends in the shower or bath. 

A basin for hand-washing can be used in another room during construction hours. This cleaning station could include a mirror, buckets, toiletries, soap, sanitizer, and wipes. 

If there are potty-training toddlers in your home, choose to include one of those training potties at this location.

Be Prepared for your Bathroom Renovation Project 

Bathroom renovations can be exciting. They can also be stressful. Planning as much as possible before starting is a great way to organize and keep stress limited. And keeping in mind these 5 obvious things people don’t tell you about bathroom renovations will curb more anxiety. 

Be flexible and enjoy the journey, knowing that your completed space will enable you to relax in your newly renovated bathroom.

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