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7 Crucial Considerations for Ideal Basement Storage Solutions

Basement storage solutions abound, but not all solutions work for every household. How can you choose the ideal basement storage options for your home? 

7 Important Factors for Basement Storage Solutions

Whether your basement is finished or not, and regardless of what you store there, you need to consider several important factors before you invest in storage solutions for your basement.

1. Moisture- and Pest-Resistance

Basements have a reputation for attracting pests and trapping moisture. This can damage your belongings. Even a well-organized pegboard for metal tools fails to protect from rust, and a dedicated rack to hang out-of-season clothing won’t ward off that horrid musty smell. 

Prevent rust, mold, mildew, and that damp, musty smell by choosing storage that protects your belongings from moisture and pests—such as cupboards or closets with doors, and lidded bins or baskets. It’s a good idea to run a dehumidifier in your basement, too. 

2. Awkward Spaces

Some basement layouts create awkward spaces that make maximizing storage tricky. And HVAC equipment, venting, and other unsightly features can be difficult to work with. 

One solution is to use your wall space from floor to ceiling. Install storage cabinets that take advantage of all vertical space so you can preserve limited floor space. 

Other creative solutions include:

  • Narrow storage cabinets that fit between the rafters—great for storing luggage, seasonal decor, or sports equipment
  • Pull-out drawers, cubbies, or shelving built into the space beneath your stairs—useful for storing children’s toys, gym equipment, or gift-wrapping supplies
  • Custom cabinetry that perfectly fits the space and uses every inch, no matter how odd the layout

3. Brightness

The brighter your basement, the bigger it feels. Select light colours for storage solutions like custom cabinets to make the space look brighter—white or light neutrals are best.

basement storage as custom cabinetry in a small kitchenette or wet bar

4. Purpose of the Room

What will you use your basement for? Your storage solutions should fit with the purpose of the space. Common uses for a basement include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchenette or bar
  • Suite
  • Bedroom
  • Entertainment/media room
  • Homeschool space
  • Craft room
  • Home gym
  • Music room
  • Office
  • Den
  • Library
  • Games room
  • Play/toy room

If your basement is unfinished and you just want to store rarely used items down there, your storage solutions simply need to be practical. But if you’re using your basement for other purposes, aesthetics matter too, and you want to customize the storage to suit the needs of the room.

5. Contents

What will you be storing in the space? Basements tend to collect oddly-shaped items that are difficult to store elsewhere—your artificial Christmas tree, for example. Take an inventory of the items you want to store in your basement to help you determine the most appropriate storage solutions for the room. Size, shape, and functionality all matter.

6. Longevity

Cardboard boxes and plastic bags don’t last. Choose storage solutions that withstand the test of time, like custom cabinets built with fine craftsmanship and materials that will protect your belongings for a lifetime.

7. Property Value

When you invest in permanent storage solutions for your basement—like custom cabinetry—you add to your property value. High-quality, custom-designed built-ins make your basement look appealing, and the increased functionality of the space is unmatched. 

basement pool table room and family room divided by custom cabinetry

The Best Basement Storage Solution

Custom cabinets have all the elements necessary to meet the demanding needs of basement storage. Built to last and custom-designed to suit your space, budget, and style, custom basement storage cabinets are available with limitless options and the perfect fit for any space. Plus, there’s no assembly required and less environmental impact. 

The expert designers at Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations can create a custom basement storage solution that’s ideal for your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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