How to Make Your Bathroom Look & Feel Luxurious

For most people, a dream bathroom is one that looks and feels luxurious—whether that means a spa-like space, a room that resembles a 5-star hotel suite, or high-end, state-of-the-art features. Is it possible to transform your own bathroom into a place of indulgence?

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

We believe any bathroom can become elegant and inviting. Here are 10 tips to help you create a luxury bath experience in your own home. 

1. Prioritize privacy

A luxury bath demands a sense of seclusion. If you’re designing a new home or bathroom renovation, prioritize privacy by locating the bathroom away from the busiest areas of your home. Tucking your bathroom away in a corner of the house turns this room into a retreat. 

2. Enhance your tub or shower

Decide if you want a tub, a shower, or a tub-shower combo. Any option is the right option if it’s the one you prefer, and all three can be luxurious. 

A stand-alone shower looks opulent with high-end fixtures, custom tile work, clear glass surround, and a curbless design. Choose a rainfall showerhead to create a spa-like experience. Add a bench to your shower as a finishing touch. 

Another option is to create a completely waterproof bathroom design that allows for open space and doesn’t require a shower enclosure at all. 

A freestanding soaker tub always looks high end, whether you choose a traditional claw-foot style or opt for a more modern design. 

3. Don’t ignore the toilet

Resist the temptation to overlook the toilet. It’s a necessity in every bathroom, so it pays to select a toilet that complements a luxurious bathroom. Wall-mounted toilets are popular in 2022 because they elevate the design of the bathroom by hiding the tank and inner workings in the wall. Consider upgrading to a toilet with bidet functionality. 

4. Put in custom cabinetry and bathroom storage

Clutter is not luxurious, so ample storage is crucial for a bathroom designed to be relaxing. Keep your toiletries contained. Custom cabinetry allows you to create perfect storage to fit your needs without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Avoid using the standard medicine cabinet mirrors. Choose a mirror with a unique design and create clever storage elsewhere. 

See also 15 Ideas for Bathroom Storage to Maximize Your Space.

5. Incorporate universal design features

What is universal design? It’s an inclusive approach that accommodates the needs of everyone—of any age and any ability.

A luxury bathroom design anticipates various needs and incorporates common sense solutions, such as curbless showers, wider doorways, or handholds. Consider a built-in step stool for young family members that allows them to step up to the sink to wash their hands, then easily slide it back into place so it’s out of the way when not in use. 

6. Light it up luxuriously

Remember those brass “dressing room” light bulbs that lined the mirrors of every bathroom in the ‘80s? They may have been modern and trendy at the time, but they certainly were not the best approach to bathroom illumination. 

Layered lighting is the key to a luxurious bathroom. Incorporate ambient lighting to create your desired atmosphere, task lighting to illuminate the areas where you apply makeup or read during your luxurious bath, and accent lighting to add indulgent design touches to the space. 

7. Select flooring with a luxury look

Tile is the most common flooring choice for bathrooms because of its durability. But don’t overlook other options like luxury vinyl tile (LVT). And especially in Canada’s cold climate, heated floors create a truly indulgent bathroom experience. 

8. Soften the walls

Nature-inspired soft colours exude the zen-like feel of a luxury spa, but that doesn’t mean your walls must be boring. Add visual interest with shiplap, wall tile, or wallpaper. Strategically placed artwork can produce the extravagant feel of a museum or gallery. 

9. Focus on fixtures

Fixtures are one bathroom component where you get what you pay for. Don’t cheap out on faucets or showerheads. Choose high-quality fixtures that look luxurious. They’ll last longer and elevate the design of your bathroom.

10. Add luxurious finishing touches

It’s amazing what a difference a seemingly small addition can make in the look and feel of your bathroom. For example:

  • Add seating, such as a simple stool, glamorous armchair, or tufted ottoman
  • Replace the standard bath mat with Turkish or Persian rugs
  • Fill a vase with fresh flowers
  • Hang plants, such as eucalyptus or pothos
  • Place a stylish bath tray across the tub
  • Use an oil diffuser, reed sticks, or aromatherapy candles 
  • Choose thick, plush towels
  • Hang sheer curtains over the window

These are inexpensive ways to enhance any bathroom and create that spa-like feel at home. 

Luxury Bathroom Design & Renovations

The designers at Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations can help you transform your bathroom into a truly indulgent space. Contact us today for a free consultation and get started on creating the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

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