Relationship Matters: How the Manufacturer of Your Kitchen Cabinets Impacts You

Whether you’re getting a new kitchen or embarking on a kitchen renovation, the relationship between the kitchen cabinet manufacturer and your kitchen designer and supplier has a significant impact on the quality of your kitchen and your experience during the entire process.

Most homeowners don’t think much about their cabinet manufacturer. You’re understandably more concerned about choosing the right designer for your new kitchen. That’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in this process!

The right kitchen designer will instill confidence and help turn your kitchen dream into a reality. But there’s more to a great kitchen than the design. You want quality cabinets that fit your budget and you want the entire process to be as stress free as possible. 

This is where the relationship between the cabinet manufacturer and your kitchen designer and supplier makes all the difference. 


Manufacturer Matters

The manufacturer of your kitchen cabinets matters just as much as the designer and supplier, and an important factor in selecting a manufacturer is the type of cabinets they produce.

There are 3 types of kitchen cabinets.

1. Stock cabinets are mass produced, and therefore more affordable than custom cabinets. But they’re only available in predetermined sizes and styles, meaning there’s no accommodation for modification. They’re typically made of particle board with joints that are glued, nailed, or screwed together. Stapled plastic braces reinforce the corners and drawers use side slide brackets. 

2. Semi-custom cabinets are usually built to order, but within limited parameters. Quality varies from one manufacturer to the next, as does selection. These cabinets are generally a step up from stock cabinets in quality, but more affordable than custom cabinets due to some of the limitations.. 

3. Custom cabinets cost more than the others, but they’re typically made to order with plywood and in an endless array of sizes, styles, special features and modifications. Joints are precise and secure with dovetail, dowel, or mortise and tenon craftsmanship. Wood glue blocks reinforce the corners, and drawer slides are hidden undermount. 

There are many advantages of custom cabinets, but Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations works with carefully selected manufacturers of all 3 cabinet types. We do this to provide the best quality product for any budget, and to offer any style or design imaginable. 

How does Riverstone Kitchens choose a cabinet manufacturer?

Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations looks at 3 main criteria for choosing the manufacturers of our kitchen designs. 

1. Quality

Attention to detail defines our renovations, installations, and all our products. Everything is built to last, including our cabinets. We know the manufacturers personally, have seen the products being made, and wholeheartedly stand by each piece. Our manufacturers offer solid warranty programs and create products we’re proud to present. 

Details at every step in the process make a big difference. For example, taking care to build the cabinet first and finish it so it’s silky smooth – even the joints. Or using solid wood instead of veneer to finish gables, and making drawer boxes out of wood instead of pre-finished birch, resulting in better joints.

2. Customization

Every home and every family is different. The perfect kitchen for your neighbor will not be the perfect kitchen for you. The functionality, storage, and style of your kitchen should reflect the personality of your home and family. This is more difficult – if not impossible – to achieve with stock cabinets. So we look for diverse product lines and maximum customization capabilities in our manufacturers.

Some examples of customization our manufacturers can accommodate include:

  • Slab doors with grain-matching
  • Unique wood species like hickory or bird’s eye maple
  • Channeled cabinets (no handles required)
  • Solid walnut or oak drawers
  • Custom shapes to work around plumbing or other structural complications

These are custom design features not offered by many manufacturers and unavailable in stock cabinets. 

Even our semi-custom and stock manufacturers offer extremely diverse product lines, with thousands of styles and colours to choose from.

3. Canadian

Canada has many excellent cabinet manufacturers. It’s important to us to support other Canadian businesses and to minimize environmental impact. Our country is an abundant source of beautiful hardwoods, and there’s simply no reason not to “shop local”. 

The Cabinet Manufacturer-Supplier Relationship Impacts You

Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations works with manufacturers for each type of cabinetry so we can provide any cabinet, any design, any style, and fit any budget. But we also work at establishing solid relationships with these manufacturers to ensure you get the best product and experience available. 

We choose manufacturers we trust to deliver quality products. Our confidence in our manufacturers comes through in your interactions with our designers, so you can be assured you’ll be happy with your new kitchen. Solid warranty policies ensure your cabinets will satisfy your expectations.

The reality is that not every kitchen project will be smooth sailing from start to finish. Stuff happens. Structural problems arise, back orders cause delays, or something big like a global pandemic creates countless complications. It’s how we respond to those issues that counts, and our manufacturers are a part of that. 

As a family-run business, relationships are an integral part of Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations. We craft custom living spaces designed to cultivate meaningful relationships. That process begins with the relationship we have with our manufacturers. When we trust them and are completely confident in their products, we can provide you with the service and kitchen design experience you deserve.  

To find out more about the manufacturers we work with, or for a free consultation, contact us today.

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