Should You Renovate Your Home During COVID-19?

Should You Renovate Your Home During COVID-19?

It’s been a roller coaster of a year. Jobs and spending plummeted with the first lockdown in the spring, but things have changed dramatically. As work from home becomes the new normal, people are spending more than ever on home renovations, furniture, and maintenance. The question is: Should you renovate your home during COVID-19?

You need to be comfortable with whatever decision you make. Here we’ll simply explore the pros & cons of renovating during COVID-19.

Benefits of Renovating During COVID-19

In a time of many challenges and disappointments, there can be a silver lining! There are actually benefits of renovating during COVID-19 that you would not have at any other time.

You have more time to plan & prepare

The first phase of any renovation involves time to plan and prepare. You get to dream and create a vision for how you want your space to look when the project is complete. Measurements are taken, research is done, and probably some preliminary shopping to help you create a budget

If COVID-19 has resulted in more time at home and a bit more freedom for activities you’ve been putting off, it’s the ideal moment to get started on that first important stage of your home renovation.

Contractors are more dedicated than ever

Because of the fluctuations in restrictions and guidelines, some people have likely cancelled projects. This means contractors could be more readily available than usual. If you decide to hire a contractor to renovate your home, you’ll probably be able to schedule something sooner than when there’s a constant demand on their time. 

The increased flexibility and availability also means your contractor has the capacity to be more focused on your project. Smaller companies will have fewer clients at one time, allowing them to dedicate all their resources in one place. This focus and dedication is also necessary as contractors adapt their business model to meet the current health requirements.

Get some great deals

Many contractors are more flexible on pricing in an effort to maintain a steady schedule in these unsteady times. Retailers are also putting on sales, and some lenders are offering better interest rates on borrowing. If a tight budget has been your biggest renovation roadblock, now might be your best opportunity to keep costs low.

Disadvantages of Renovating During COVID-19

Let’s be realistic. Doing anything during COVID-19 presents challenges. We are learning new ways of doing things, and some things are simply really hard to do well and safely during this situation. So there are some potential disadvantages of renovating during COVID-19.

Potential additional costs

Some contractors may charge additional prices because of the necessary safety measures they’re required to implement. If the project gets delayed due to mandatory self-isolation, or if a necessary product is on backorder due to supply disruption, you may incur some additional costs in efforts to keep the project moving.

Potential delays & disruptions

Though delays and disruptions are always normal with renovations, COVID-19 does increase the likelihood of some unavoidable delays. Even though your contractor will try to complete your renovation as quickly as possible, there could be forced delays due to mandatory isolation requirements. 

Potential for out-of-stock items 

Delivery delays on products and materials are a real possibility because of the unexpected and sudden increase in demand for certain things, as well as supply chain disruption especially for imported items (or products that rely on imported materials). 

The Pros & Cons of Renovating During COVID-19

Clearly, there are both pros and cons of renovating during COVID-19. However, most of the cons can be addressed so you can take advantage of the benefits of proceeding with your renovation project. For example:

  • You can prepare for additional costs by including a contingency in your renovation budget. 
  • While so many things are beyond our control, following the recommended health guidelines during your renovation and hiring a contractor who also maintains the required safety measures will go a long way in preventing delays caused by mandatory self-isolation.
  • If you encounter backordered products or out-of-stock materials, you may be able to get around that issue by being flexible and willing to change some of your selections. Often there will be a comparable item you could use instead. 

“People are less concerned about where they are living and more concerned with how they are living. [They] want to spend money to make their homes better suited for them in the new reality. People want more room and more space – home offices with nice backdrops for video conferencing, for example, home gyms, finished basements… They want their own hideaway they can hunker down in,” says Melanna Giannakis, a branch manager with Meridian Credit Union.

The pandemic has changed our lives, but we’re learning to change with it. We can adapt to this unfamiliar way of life, and for many, that involves making some necessary changes to your home. Taking advantage of the benefits of a renovation during COVID-19 can be the change you need to thrive in the new normal.

The Importance of Safety During a COVID-19 Renovation

The importance of safety during a COVID-19 renovation cannot be overstated. For the health and safety of your family and that of your contractor, health and safety guidelines must be followed by everyone involved. 

These added measures can take more time. They can seem inconvenient. But they are manageable and necessary. Just as essential services like grocery stores and medical services have adjusted to keep everyone safe, so have many renovation contractors. 

Riverstone Renovations During COVID-19

Your home is essential to your health and well-being. It should be a place where you’re comfortable and relaxed. Especially if the pandemic has resulted in a change in lifestyle for you and your family involving more time at home, it’s time to prioritize your space and make it a haven. 

At Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations, we prioritize your health and wellness by adhering to the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services. These include:

  • Wearing masks
  • Maintaining a 2-metre physical distance
  • Using hand sanitizers regularly, especially when entering and exiting your home
  • Sealing off work areas
  • Whenever possible, limiting work to one trade at a time

We’re dedicated to helping you turn your renovation dream into reality, to create spaces you love to be in, to understand your needs and budget, and to give you peace of mind throughout the entire renovation process.

For a free consultation, contact one of our renovation experts today.

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