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3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Soft-Close Cabinetry

When renovating your kitchen or designing the kitchen for a new home, most of your selections affect what your kitchen looks like, including your kitchen design style, countertops, flooring, lighting, hardware, appliances, fixtures, and more. But there’s an invisible feature that can make all the difference—soft close cabinetry.

The benefits of soft-close cabinetry are definitely worth considering. But first, what is soft close cabinetry, and how does it work?

What is soft-close cabinetry?

Soft-close cabinets are equipped with hinges or drawer slides designed to close your cabinet doors or drawers slowly and automatically. This functionality was a high-end upgrade for many years, but it’s quickly becoming standard in new homes. 

Soft close hinges and drawer slides employ a hydraulic mechanism that slows the motion of the door or drawer as it closes. A soft-close cabinet door or drawer is nearly impossible to slam. 

The first time you encounter soft-close cabinetry, you’ll likely experience an odd sensation because of the gentle resistance that automatically slows down the cabinet closing. Rest assured, you’ll get used to this new feature quickly because of its valuable benefits. 

3 Benefits of Soft-Close Cabinetry

So what’s the big deal with soft-close cabinetry? Is it really that fabulous? We think so, and here are three reasons why. 

1. Maintain a quiet and peaceful environment

Because soft-close cabinets automatically close slowly, they’re almost completely silent. This is an especially welcome benefit in open-concept homes, households with family members who sleep during the day, or houses with rental suites that have less-than-perfect soundproofing. 

2. Add value to your home affordably

Soft-close cabinetry is an upgrade that adds value to your home without breaking the bank. Because the soft-close feature was considered a high-end modern upgrade for so long, it conveys an impression of luxury to potential buyers. Its increased popularity gives you a competitive advantage if you plan to sell your home. 

3. Protect the people, cabinets, and contents

Safety first, right? Soft-close cabinetry is essential if you want a kid-friendly kitchen. This feature can help you protect your loved ones by eliminating the risk of slamming fingers in cabinet doors or drawers. 

Because soft-close drawers automatically slide slowly, the contents of the drawers don’t shift around or crash into each other. This prevents damaging breakable items. 

The gentle action of a soft-close mechanism reduces wear and tear on your cabinetry, protecting your investment, and increasing the longevity of your kitchen. Increased longevity means you save money by lengthening the time before you need to renovate. 

Where to Find Soft-Close Custom Cabinetry in Calgary

Soft-close cabinetry is an extremely practical option for homeowners. It reduces noise in your home and protects your family and your belongings. And in Calgary’s competitive housing market, this upgraded modern feature can add value to your home. 

Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations can provide you with soft-close custom cabinetry for any room in your home, including your kitchen. To find out more about this feature and other highly functional features and options for your cabinetry, contact us today for a free consultation.

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