Superior Quality & Attention to Detail Results in Your Dream Kitchen

Many kitchen cabinet companies boast quality products, but superior quality combined with attention to detail make a massive difference. A new kitchen won’t be your dream kitchen if it just looks fabulous on the outside. 

The hub of your home is a high traffic, high use space that takes a beating in countless ways. Slammed drawers, moisture from cooking, hot pots on the countertop, chopping and slicing, and a host of other activities demand quality materials and construction if you want your kitchen to last. 

Let’s take a closer look at the components that make your kitchen cabinets superior quality, and how attention to detail results in your dream kitchen or renovation experience.


Why Custom Cabinets are Superior in Quality

Not all cabinets are created equal. On the outside, a stock cabinet from a big box store might look the same as a custom cabinet, but several factors make the custom cabinet superior to stock cabinets. 

The design of a cabinet is more than how it looks. The processes involved in constructing the cabinet are a crucial part of the design, as well. When quality controls are in place throughout the manufacturing process instead of just at the finished product, the result is a superior quality cabinet. 

Compare stock cabinets to custom cabinets in 4 key areas:

  1. Materials – Stock cabinets are typically made of particle board. Custom cabinets are usually made with plywood. 
  2. Joints – Stock cabinet joints are glued, nailed, or screwed together, and corners are reinforced with stapled plastic braces. Custom cabinet corners are reinforced with wood glue blocks, and joints are precise and secure with dovetail, dowel, or mortise and tenon craftsmanship.
  3. Hardware – Stock cabinets use side slide brackets for drawers, but custom cabinet drawers use hidden undermount slides.
  4. Selection – Because stock cabinets are mass produced, they’re only available in predetermined sizes and styles. Custom cabinets, however, can be ordered in any size and style with added features and special requirements.

Stock cabinets may cost less and be convenient to use when time is a major factor, but they require sacrificing design, style, fit, and quality. 

Custom cabinets can be made to fit your kitchen perfectly, not only in the look, but also in the size and shape. You get to create your dream kitchen rather than merely “working with what you’ve got”. Hand-built and crafted with pride, custom cabinets use top-quality materials and manufacturing techniques designed for durability. 


Custom cabinets usually come with a limited lifetime warranty. Drawer slides and hinges are expected to last a lifetime, and most manufacturers provide a warranty on cabinet construction, cabinet doors, finishes, and hardware (knobs and handles). 

3 Ways Our Attention to Detail Makes Your Kitchen Renovation Better

At Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations, attention to detail is a matter of integrity. We treat each kitchen like our own at every stage of the process – from design to installation. This means that if we wouldn’t be happy with a cabinet or a design in our own home, we wouldn’t offer it to you. 

Our attention to detail shows in the construction of each cabinet. For us, it’s personal because it’s our livelihood, our legacy. Small details make a big difference, so we obsess over them to ensure you get a kitchen that’s built to last. This shows in details like silky smooth finishes and joints, and solid wood gables and drawer boxes.

We Keep Your Home Clean While Under Construction

While your kitchen or renovation is in progress, we clean as we go. This is especially important when you’re living in your home while it’s under construction. (See How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel While Living in the House.)

No one likes to live in dusty chaos, and we’re extremely mindful of safety hazards. So at the end of every day, we put away our tools and we sweep up the area. In consideration of the safety of your family and pets, we always unplug our tools while we’re away.

Know You’re Dealing with Professionals

We want you to know you’re dealing with professionals, so we’re intentional about being on time, every time. You value your time, and so do we. We expect all our staff and contractors to dress professionally and act with respect and courtesy.

Trust Matters

When you choose Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations, you’re allowing us into your home and giving us the opportunity to create a space you love to live in. That’s an honour we don’t take lightly. That’s why transparency is one of our core values. We treat you the same as we treat our own family.

Your Dream Kitchen with Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations

Your dream kitchen looks good and lasts a lifetime. At Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations, we help you achieve that by sourcing superior quality products and paying attention to the smallest details. This focus applies to your cabinets and the service you receive through every stage of your new kitchen or renovation process. 

Contact one of our associates to get started on your dream kitchen today.

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