When is the Best Time to Renovate Your Kitchen?

The decision to renovate your kitchen begins a whole series of other decisions. An important one involves timing. When is the best time to renovate your kitchen?

In this post, we’ll cover the things you need to consider when planning your kitchen renovation and explore the pros and cons of renovating during each season of the year. 

4 Things to Consider When Scheduling a Kitchen Renovation

How do you know the best time to renovate? There are several factors to consider to help you make the right choice for your family.

1. Your Family’s Schedule

Every family is different. Take a look at your family calendar and note any planned vacations or other major events in the schedule. If you have children in school, for example, the summer break might be a time to consider because of the increased flexibility.

Pay attention to holidays and special events, too. Plan your renovation well in advance of these occasions to allow some buffer time for unexpected delays. 

2. Weather

Depending on your renovation, the weather could play a role in the timing of your project. A major renovation involving structural changes (like an addition) or replacing windows and doors will require warm, dry weather. 

Also keep in mind that, with your kitchen being “out of commission” for a while, you’ll need alternative places to eat. If you don’t want to eat at restaurants for every meal, warmer weather allows you to use your patio or yard for outdoor grilling and picnics.

3. Your Budget

Some seasons tend to provide discounts, promotions, or simply lower prices. If you have a tight renovation budget, keep those deals in mind – Black Friday in November, for example. Some things (like appliances) you could buy in advance to strategically save some money.

4. Product Lead Times

You’ll most likely purchase several products for your kitchen renovation (e.g. faucets, light fixtures, appliances). Your selections may require special order. Cabinetry and countertops need to be ordered in advance. Know what the lead time is for these items so you can be sure you have them when you need them.

Riverstone’s custom cabinetry typically has an 8-week lead time. For non-custom cabinets, the lead time is shorter. 

The Best Time of Year to Renovate Your Kitchen

The above factors will help you choose the best time of year to renovate your kitchen, but it’s helpful to understand the pros and cons of renovating each season. 

Renovating in Spring

Spring is naturally a time of freshness and new life. Because of that, many people plan to renovate in the spring. The warmer weather is also appealing, though spring rains and occasional freezes can still hinder outdoor work.

Because of the popularity of springtime for construction projects, many contractors are in high demand during this season. This can make them less flexible and more costly.

Renovating in Summer

Summer has ideal weather for both indoor and outdoor projects. Longer daylight hours fill your kitchen with an abundance of bright light which is helpful when choosing and matching colors. 

The nice weather makes it easier for you to eat well when your kitchen is under renovation. Your outdoor grill is an affordable way to enjoy healthy meals away from your construction zone. 

If you go away for a summer vacation, that might be an ideal time for contractors to work on your renovation. You won’t have to be around for the mess, avoid some stress, and you can come home to your transformed space.

Because summer is the most popular time for kitchen renovations, prices could be higher and it can be harder to find an available contractor.

Renovating in Fall

If you’re eager to show off your new kitchen during the holidays, fall might be the right choice for your renovation. Think of how much easier entertaining will be with more space, improved functionality and better efficiency in your kitchen.

Fall is a bit slower for contractors than summer, so they may be more flexible. That said, there’s little chance of lower prices because they’re often busy with last-minute pre-holiday projects.

This is the time of year when retailers clear out current stock before bringing in new models for the new year. It might be the best time to buy your new appliances. (Finding great deals on appliances could be the best way to save some money on your renovation because labour costs rarely drop significantly.)

Renovating in Winter

Winter is the slowest season for contractors. Most people don’t want to renovate over the holidays. This can make it a more affordable time to remodel your kitchen. 

If your renovation involves replacing doors and windows or structural changes, winter is not ideal because of the cold. You won’t enjoy having the freezing temperature invade your living space. 

Suppliers can be slower to fulfill orders at this time of year, but that doesn’t have to be an issue if you collect all of your supplies in advance. 

When is the Best Time for Your Kitchen Renovation?

Summer is the most popular time for kitchen renovations, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best time for your project. Take a look at your calendar, know your budget, and decide what’s best for your family. 

At Riverstone Kitchens & Renovations, we understand the unique needs of each family. We’re committed to working within your budget and helping you through every step of the renovation process. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about your renovation project. Contact us today.

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